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The Strongest Home Foundations in Plano

When planning the construction process for your new home in Plano, the foundation might seem like a relatively simple part of the home building process. But that couldn’t be any more incorrect. If a residential builder does not pay attention to house foundation details (such as the types of footing and their uses), many things can go wrong.

One of the primary purposes of a house foundation is to support the structure that is sitting on top of it. Now, you might think that a foundation isn’t necessary. After all, the ground is quite solid and strong, isn’t it? Not as strong as you would think when it comes up against the weight of the average Plano home.

At Butler Foundation of Richardson & Plano Inc., we make sure your Plano your building foundation process goes smoothly. During the process, we’ll be able to answer all your questions with ease and will never hesitate to keep you informed. We are the most trusted experts on home footings, steel rebar grid, and home foundations. When you’re as experienced as we are, foundational failure isn’t an option.

Various Types of Foundations

Contrary to what some amateurs might have told you, there is no foundation that is perfect for every home. Each type of foundation requires the right home and environment for it to be the right choice. At Butler Foundation of Richardson & Plano Inc., there is no common foundation type that we aren’t experienced with. This versatility will ensure that the development of your Plano dream home gets off on the right foot.

  • Slab Foundations – One of the most common types of foundations. There is little property preparation, and the installation process is quite simple when compared to other foundations. Slab foundation is also quite affordable. The cons of slab foundations are that the plumbing systems get buried below the slab, which will make any serious plumbing repairs quite time-consuming and expensive. Slab foundations also provide only minimal weather protection.
  • Crawlspace Foundations – These foundations are elevated several feet off the ground. After the slab footing is poured, blocks are laid for foundational support. It is more affordable than a basement foundation, which is appealing to some homeowners. The extra space of the crawl-area allows for easier access to your home’s piping and wiring, which is a big bonus. But when you consider that it will take roughly the same amount of time to install a crawlspace foundation as it would a full basement, why not go for the basement foundation?
  • Basement Foundations – The concrete slab for the basement foundation is typically laid in a hole eight feet or deeper. There have been many improvements on the basement foundation. In the past they were more prone to structural damage due to being built with cinder blocks. But these days, professionals like Butler Foundation of Richardson & Plano Inc. know how to eliminate any risks which might lead to future damages. Basements are an excellent foundation for any Plano home, providing additional square footage, storm protection, and more.
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