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Stained Concrete by Butler Foundation of Richardson & Plano Inc.

If you have plain gray concrete on your commercial or residential property that could use a sudden infusion of color and vibrancy, or you are planning to pour some concrete and you want it stand out as soon as it’s done curing, you should give stained concrete some serious consideration. Concrete staining is a great way to transform plain concrete into a value-boosting accent on any commercial or residential property in the area.

Popular applications for stained concrete include floors, walkways, patios, pool decks, driveways and even walls. The only catch is that you only get one chance at staining concrete. Once the stain is applied, there are no do overs. So, if you want to make sure that your concrete looks as good as possible, get the professionals at Butler Foundation of Richardson & Plano Inc. on the case.

At Butler Foundation of Richardson & Plano Inc., we have had the good fortune of staining all types of concrete construction all over the area. We have helped tons of businesses and homes beautify the concrete on their property and we are confident we can do virtually staining job you have in mind. When staining concrete, there is no bigger asset than experience. And as the most experience concrete professionals in the area, you can rest assured knowing that you are in the deft, skilled hands of people who take great pride in rendering exceptional stained concrete services.

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Why Choose Concrete Staining

If you are still mulling over whether or not concrete staining is right for your commercial or residential property, let us tell you why it makes perfect since.

Color flexibility. There are numerous colors of stains available to give you the flexibility to get the color that suits your landscape or interior decor best. And if you haven’t found the color you want, we can always combine colors to create the exact hue that you had in mind.

Cost savings. Concrete is already one of the most cost-effective building materials there is and adding a little color won’t be much extra if you’re building something new. Plus, existing concrete can also be stained, so if you are starved for a fresh look, staining is a simple way to accomplish it.

Low-maintenance. Stained concrete requires minimal upkeep. Cleaning and resealing of stained concrete every couple of years will keep it looking its best and our professionals are available to help you out if need be.

Durability. Because the color penetrates the concrete, it won’t wear away in extreme weather or heavy traffic.

So, whether you are interested in giving your concrete floors a makeover or you want your new patio to make your property’s curb appeal skyrocket, let us handle the staining. All you have to do is let us know your desired hue and we’ll handle the rest.

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Stained concrete is always a smart investment if you want the concrete on your residential or commercial property to be stunning. Make sure it looks as good as can be and call Butler Foundation of Richardson & Plano Inc. about our stained concrete services today.


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