Foundation Repair in Plano

Does Your Plano Home Have a Leaky Basement? Here’s Why You Might Need Foundation Repair

If you’re like most Plano residents, your home is your castle. You take pride in the place you live, and for good reason—it keeps you sheltered from the harsh elements outside and allows you to spend time with your family in comfort. This much is true.

But if you’re like most Plano homeowners, it’s probably also true that you haven’t given much thought to your home’s foundation recently. As Texas’s foundation experts, Butler Foundation of Richardson & Plano Inc. has made our living in diagnosing and repairing common foundation issues.

Not every problem with your foundation is so obvious as a home that’s shifted over to one side. A leaky basement that never seems to dry out no matter the season is one that’s likely been built over a faulty foundation.

Foundation Settlement: More Than Meets the Eye

It’s in the nature of home construction that as time passes, all homes will eventually settle. A well-made house with a solid foundation may take centuries to settle. What can be really catastrophic is when the soil under a house suddenly gives way, leaving the foundation unsupported.

If you believe your home is experiencing foundation settlement, call foundation contractors immediately. A general contractor doesn’t have the tools and experience to handle something as delicate and vital as foundation. Foundation experts can quickly identify and solve a wide variety of problems with a home’s foundation, including:

  • Foundation misalignment
  • Cracks in exterior or interior concrete
  • Slab foundation erosion or improper installation
  • Windows and doors that don’t shut due to settlement
  • Soil compaction redistribution
  • Pier and beam installation for foundation reinforcement
  • Mudjacking and grout recovery for foundation repair

Don’t Gamble With Your Home’s Structural Integrity

At Butler Foundation of Richardson & Plano Inc. we’ve been working as foundation contractors for a long time, and we know better than anyone how frustrating it can be dealing with structural issues in your home. It can be a major nuisance. It can require a major disruption to your everyday life, and it can make areas of your home inaccessible for periods of time.

But the alternative is much worse. A home built on poor foundation isn’t just a nuisance or a disruption, it’s a health and safety hazard. While not being able to shut windows might seem like a minor inconvenience, it’s a sign of a major issue with your home’s structure.

If your home wasn’t built properly or its foundation has settled, there is a serious risk of house collapse. We’ve seen it happen before. And the cost of mudjacking a slab foundation or installing a pier-and-beam system is much less expensive than having to install a completely new foundation.

It can be a hassle, but we’re experts in professional foundation repair, and go the extra mile to make sure that you are always left in the loop. We also do our best to minimize disruptions to your everyday routine when we are able. And we do all this while providing friendly service at unbeatable prices. What are you waiting for? Don’t settle for less in Plano—call Butler Foundation of Richardson & Plano Inc. today!